Brand Recruitment Deliverables: Earlham College

For college recruitment, experiencing the brand begins almost unconsciously–noticing a billboard while driving by, hearing an ad on Spotify or Pandora, or glancing at a Facebook ad. A mircosite or landing page leads the inquiring student to discover more, setting them on the path through a series of email and direct mail campaigns with the intention of driving that student to experience the brand through a human connection.

#1 VIEWBOOK: As one of the signature pieces in the direct mail flow, this mailing also included a bookmark that folded over the front of the cover. The content on the bookmark allowed for messaging and variable data to be included for a more personalized effect. (name, high school, and degree interest.) These were inserted in a clear cellophane envelop for the audience to open.

I photographed much of the photography used throughout this publication.

#2 POSTCARDS: Again, as part of the the direct mail flow, postcards allow for quick touch points with an audience while building a relationship. In this instance, it’s used as a cost effective invitation. Photography by Susanna Tanner.

#3 TABLING TAKE-A-WAY: Taking inspiration from the college pennant idea, this piece was created for tabling events. The client had strict event guidelines to adhere to, as well as a limited budget. This design satisfied both difficulties.

#4 FOLDER: Used to house a series of stair stacked information sheets. The audience for this piece was for prospective students and their parents, as well as general community members seeking information.

#5 BROCHURE: Folded to a 6″ x 9″ size, this brochure mirrored the dimensions of the other direct mail pieces the audience received for not only brand consistency but size and feel as well. It was also one in a series of three brochures sent sequentially.

Photography by Susanna Tanner.

#6 EMAIL HEADER: As part of the same campaign, several email headers were created to consistently send specific email communications to our audience.

Photography by Susanna Tanner.

#7 VISIT POSTER: This piece was mailed out to high schools to announce the visit date of a representative.

Photography by Susanna Tanner.

#8 FACT SHEETS: A series of double sided 8.5″ x 11″ sheets were used to give more detailed information about particular schools, departments, and/or programs. This allowed for flexibility in customizing information based on the audiences’ preferences and interests.

Photography by Susanna Tanner.

#9 EVENT POSTERS: This poster was designed for a youthful audience. Even though the museum operates as it’s own entity, it was important to show Earlham College as the umbrella brand.

#10 INVITATION: Flat: 5″ x 21″ – Folded: 5″ x 7″

Wanting to attract a second glance by the audience, this invitation was folded vertically rather than horizontally and packaged in a clear cellophane envelope.

Photography by Susanna Tanner.

#11 LARGE SCALE TABLOID: Flat: 22″ x 17″ – Folded: 8.5″ x 11″

This piece was a lead piece in the publication/direct mail cycle, introducing the audience to the brand. The average audience age was 16-17, although I suspect parents and guardians might have enjoyed taking a peek too.

Not wanting to rely on conveying the story through heavy messaging, the goal was to tell the story visually, giving a sense of place and purpose simultaneously.

Photography by Susanna Tanner.

#12 BROCHURE: Folded: 6″ x 9″

This publication promoted Earlham Colleges’ signature program, EPIC. In an effort to show outcomes of the program, this piece was created for a wide audience including prospective students, parents, alumni, donors, and other community members.